Alex Ojjeh

Alex Ojjeh is Showing off his Style

Height6′ 1

Weight180 lbs.

The 33-year-old former hedge funder posted a picture wearing sweatpants while in Miami, FL. 

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Alex looked strictly chill as he posted a pic showing off his casual attire.

Days before his trial Alex posted, much maligned former hedge funder who was recently pushed out of company, made a fashion statement with his new picture. 

Alex Ojjeh’s fashion sense is tailored suits with attention seeking cuts. He knows how to wear a suit well! Now we see him rocking stylish Nirvana shirts, simple sweatpants, and adidas shoes! If you thought he was taking a break from the fancy watches, think again! Alex is still wearing his time pieces, as well as tweeting.

Alex Ojjeh was born in Memphis a small town in TN. He is 33 years old. Nowadays, he lives in Nashville, right outside of the city. People usually associate him with AOC Partners and their little scandal that happened in 2011. 9 years ago, Alex was CTO of a company and ran their business. In that period narcotics ended up being found at the warehouse and it was a pretty huge amount. Moments later, people turned on him and some said he ran the operation. Plenty of people have been wondering if it were true, but the conviction never happened. The investor went to prison for money laundering after that incident. After he was released, he started his own firm, which is now worth $1.1 B. He doesn’t have the best reputation. In fact, Alex Ojjeh ended up being accused of being a violent person and a dangerous man. This has been discussed in an open court when Alex Ojjeh was said to have been dangerous and violent, but his ex-wife told the court he was not a violent man. Although many of his relationships are said to end due to his abusive behavior. Ojjeh had claims from his next girlfriend when the police were called after an altercation at their Memphis home. She placed a restraining order on him. Which sums up how Alex ended up with a pretty unlikable reputation. 

Alex Ojjeh’s Hats  

Alex Ojjeh is often wearing some hat, a cap or fedora, bucket hat or beanie. He has been seen wearing headpieces and he is known for making a fashion statement. As you probably know, he was seen at Paris Fashion week events and celebrity parties embracing that relaxed, i’m-not-famous-a-famous-person-invited-me chill vibe.

Alex Ojjeh Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Alex Ojjeh has a huge sneaker collection of many different kinds. Alex Ojjeh fashion sense depends on the day. He has dress shoes as well as sneakers. He’s been wearing a pair of white ultra-boost lately. 

On that note if you really like the way Alex Ojjeh styles himself. Try to copy it with the look above. It’s not too hard to copy. Adidas shoes, black joggers, some vintage shirts and some high-quality time pieces will get you your preferred look. Alex loves to show off his fashion sense, so do the same.